Ultra-fine Tungsten Carbide Rod Extruded Agent Effect

Tungsten Carbide Rod Picture

Due to the properties of high hardness and high strength, the ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide becomes the main developing direction of tungsten carbide materials. with the wide application of advanced manufacturing technology, large-scale production line and all kinds of precision high-speed machining center, the demand for high-performance cutting tools is growing, which bring about the growth of demand for ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide rods. Powder Extrusion Molding(PEM)Technology is developed on the basis of the extruding process of metals and polymer materials.

Powder Extrusion Molding(PEM)Technology's main advantages are as followed: produce equal section, more complex shape carbide rod, almost unlimited length, especially with internal coolant holes rod; rod of uniform thickness, close to the final product size external blame, which can effectively reduce the allowance, saving raw materials and processing costs; with molded or cold isostatic pressing technology, can significantly improve production efficiency. Thus, the powder extrusion molding technology has become tungsten carbide rod from the system the most important way, has been widely applied.

Ultra-fine tungsten carbide rod extruded agent selection is fine grain carbide rod extruded core and key technologies. Forming agent can make a reasonable choice feeding the extrusion process to obtain optimum rheological properties to obtain high-quality extrusion billet, after forming the blank to maintain the desired shape of the solid powder loading increased, reducing product size deviation , while in the stage of forming agent can quickly skim and smooth removal.

(1)Ultra-fine tungsten carbide rod extruded agent selection is fine grain carbide rod extruded core and key technologies.

(2)By plasticized, bonding, activation tripropellant forming agent system design, as well as the component composition and proportions of rational choice, get good and hard alloy extrusion billets forming agent removal results.

(3)After a certain extrusion, forming agent removal and sintering, the process pressure, the excellent performance can be obtained ultra-fine grain carbide rod.

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