Tungsten Carbide Rod Extrusion Process

Tungsten Carbide Rod Picture

Because of the special abrasion resistance,high hardness, excellent fracture toughness and strength, tungsten carbide rods are widely used in the metal processing, electronics industry, wood processing, aerospace and medical and other fields, and they have been the preliminary materials for manufacturing micro drilling in circuit, milling cutters, reamers, step tools, pole tools, taps and dot matrix printers ideal for needles and other preliminary materials.With the development of technology, increasing demand for tungsten carbide rod, molding technology from the cold isostatic pressing, molding and other traditional techniques developed to the more modern and economical extrusion molding process, the quality is getting better, more and more varieties.

rod extrusion process is the tungsten carbide powder with a quantity of binder, plasticizer and other components of a mixture, extruded through the extrusion die orifice shape and size desired blanks. It is the traditional plastic molding techniques and modern product of the combination of powder metallurgy techniques, used to molding section and length unrestricted shaped pieces, at low temperature, low pressure operation.

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